12 Happy Moments of 2018

This time last year, I was really conflicted. I was extremely happy with life, but also really sad. I had lost a lot of great things, but I had also gained a lot of great things. I got so locked up inside of my head, that by the time it was Christmas Day, I woke … Continue reading 12 Happy Moments of 2018

Nostalgia – My Secret Super Power

It has been an incredibly busy, thrilling, amazing, tiresome past few weeks. Since I've started my new job, I have learned so much, and have become really happy with where I am. I love my students and my coworkers, the city buzz and night life are amazing, and I'm pushing myself to do more, to … Continue reading Nostalgia – My Secret Super Power

10 Gift Ideas for the Season – Gift Giving on a Budget

Tis the season to be jolly, falalala-laaaa, la la, la, laaa! I am so excited for Christmas! The holiday season always cheers me up; the candy canes, the lights, the colors, the Santa Claus pictures, the snow, the parades! It’s all so much fun and purely amazing. Along with this season comes gift-giving! I have … Continue reading 10 Gift Ideas for the Season – Gift Giving on a Budget

The Inevitable Awesomeness of Change

It’s all about change. It’s ironic to think about routine, stability, and sameness, when I feel like I live on an ever changing culture and place. I think it’s difficult to think about the possibility of both rapid change and extreme routine and habit rituals simultaneously. Is that possible? To experience rapid change and mundane … Continue reading The Inevitable Awesomeness of Change