Dear Self: You Can Do This

When you moved into the city, you had goals and you’ve met some of them. But you’ve saved the more juicy ones for last, and here you are – facing these goals you set for yourself but it pains you to even take one step towards them. What’s up with that?

How to Keep Your Chin Up when it gets Complicated

Sometimes, life really sucks. It's nobody's fault. Things pile up and the possibilities of what might happen next are too overwhelming. Sleepless nights blur into tired days and it's really hard to see the end. But always remember. Nothing is forever. So for now, let's just get out if this slump and start living life … Continue reading How to Keep Your Chin Up when it gets Complicated

Closing The Gaps

The self-discrepancy theory states that people compare themselves to internalized standards called "self-guides". These different representations of the self can be contradictory and result in emotional discomfort. Self-discrepancy is the gap between two of these self-representations. The theory states that people are motivated to reduce the gap in order to remove disparity in self-guides - Good Ol' … Continue reading Closing The Gaps