The Fallen Tree Does Make A Sound

No, I’m not going to debate the state of water.

Today I am going to try to tackle one of those annoying questions, the ones that should be very obvious but are inexplicably mind-boggling – like the debate around if water is wet or not.

Instead, today’s question is this: If a tree falls in the middle of forest and there is no one around to witness it/see it, does it actually fall or make a sound?

Yes. Yes it does.

Trees live long lives, grow beautifully and strong, provide a home and clean air, live meaningfully until one day they don’t. They become wood chips or furniture, maybe paper – and even still, the trees continue to serve. And none of it is in vain – even if it goes unnoticed.

Sound and weight are physical forms to measure impact. Trees have such a big impact – yet they are silent, and their weight often goes unknown.

I have a deep appreciation for trees (just in case it wasn’t already obvious). I firmly believe that when a tree falls, it makes a sound. Sound is energy, bouncing off any surface until there is nothing left to bounce. So even if there are no humans around to be a part of this, I have no doubt that it makes a sound.

I also have no doubt that you too, make a sound.

You may be thinking “duh I make sounds”. But I mean metaphorical sounds. I mean the kinds of sounds that trees make in the forest that can’t be witnessed.

Currently I’m in a spot where I can kind of reinvent myself, make decisions on what to do for the foreseeable future. It’s pretty neat to have this privilege, support, and choice, but it’s also really scary.

Scary because the thing I want more than anything in the world is really, really scary, and I have been spiraling down a hole of doubts and what ifs. I go back and forth between the highs and lows – celebrating little victories towards my dream and then reining it all back in for no good reason other than to try to ground myself. Is anything really working? Is everything I’m doing in vain? Is this just not meant to be?

Well. I can’t know anything for certain, except that if I don’t keep trying, I might regret it forever, and end up even more miserable.

The next steps aren’t very clear, but at least I know that I will continue to pursue my dreams. And I can only hope that just as trees make sounds, I too make a sound.

And this is why I’d like to remind you, that you also make a sound. If you feel like your effort and work go unrecognized, maybe it’s because it’s so good, you’ve reached ultimate tree status – an ultimate provider of life and energy, oozing out of you so naturally, people forget to notice.

Don’t worry so much love. Just keep swimming. Don’t give up on yourself, keep singing your song until it’s loud enough for you to hear yourself as you truly are, and celebrate it. You make a worthy sound.

Somewhere, Sunflower Summit

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