Dear Self: You Can Do This

Hey you, how’ve you been? Same old same old?

Yeah, nothing’s really happened.

When you moved into the city, you had goals and you’ve met some of them. But you’ve saved the more juicy ones for last, and here you are – facing these goals you set for yourself but it pains you to even take one step towards them. What’s up with that?

It’s like those puzzles your so obsessed with. That’s fine, keep on wasting entire weekends on puzzles – but at least do the harder ones. Get a 2,000-piece puzzle and leave the 500-piece puzzles for your 11-year-old brother.

Or better yet – actually do the things you said you were gonna do, huh?

You’ve created countless to dos, talked people’s ears off about your goals, you have the resources available to do what you want to do, and there is absolutely nothing holding you back – except for yourself.

It’s like your students. They are capable of doing the work and succeeding, and they have the resources there to help them do so, but they’d rather stare at the page and decide they can’t. It’s your job to remind them they can.

Now it’s also your job to remind yourself that you can too.

What’s stopping you, hon?


No, that’s not it. Nothing you would be doing is physically scary. It isn’t the first time you try anything like this, the only difference is now you’re adding another step. Is that step so scary?

No, not really.

This is more like nerves. The kind you get after you walk off the stage – after you’ve done the thing and now there’s nothing you can do about it. The aftermath. The judgement. Because only then can you fail – only then can you know whether or not it was good.

But does that matter? Should it matter?

It’s a tough decision, but it also really isn’t. This isn’t for them. This is for you.

There’s nothing out of this world about it. It’s okay to do something just for you.

But are you ever really sure that it really is just for you?

Well, take a step back. There are so many things out of your control right now. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about, but keep on trudging along trying your best. What’s meant to be is meant to be.

Take a step back, and realize you just can’t be sure of anything right now, and let it happen. It’s all part of that adventure you’re always craving and talking about. It’s yours, and completely unpredictable.

But be ready. There are a couple of foreseeable ways your life can go. And nothing is for certain, so now it’s time to listen to your mothers words “ve affilando tus talentos y esfuerzate todo que puedas. Nunca sabes que vas a necesitar.” (go sharpening your talents, and do everything you can. You never know what you will need.)

You never fully agreed or understood these words. It always feels a little ridiculous. There is no possible way you can fit so much into a day to do everything you want to do, to become the best at everything you love. There’s just no way.


Let’s dissect what you just told yourself.

“It always feels a little ridiculous. There is NO possible way you can fit so much into a day to do everything you want to do, to become the best at everything you love. There’s just no way.”


Looks like you just caught yourself in a misconception, missy.

Let’s fix that.

“It always feels a little ridiculous. But it There is no possible to way you can fit so much into a day to do everything you want to do, to become the best at everything you love. There’s just no way. You just need to choose it, and do it passionately, with love, with patience, and kindness. You got this! Let yourself try at the very least.

Much better.

Stop running away from what you love. Stop running away from yourself. You are worth it.

Give yourself permission.

Give yourself permission to try, to ask questions, to reach out, to fail, and to try again.

Give yourself permission to try and fail and to try again.

Repeat this a few times now “It’s okay to fail. Just get back up and try again.”

Bring out that resiliency you’ve tried so hard to convince yourself you have and put it to the test. You are ready.

It’s good for you. Every challenge only makes you stronger, so go on. Finish that glass of wine, lay your weary head knowing you did your best today, and then try again tomorrow until you are finally where you want to be, but remember where you are now is just as good as where you will be, because now is real and true.

Be brave, not fearless. Have courage, don’t be cocky. Be proud of yourself and humble, remember you can always grow.

Good night, love. Tomorrow’s a new day.

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