How to Keep Your Chin Up when it gets Complicated

Sometimes, life really sucks.

It’s nobody’s fault. Things pile up and the possibilities of what might happen next are too overwhelming. Sleepless nights blur into tired days and it’s really hard to see the end.

But always remember. Nothing is forever. So for now, let’s just get out if this slump and start living life again, no?

1. Freeze!

Stop what your doing, halt your thoughts, and just exist for a moment. Remember how lucky it is to be where you are and how much love is around you.

2. Take a Breath

Feel your own heartbeat and remember you are only human. Every one of us goes through ruts, and if we just keep breathing, we can make it through.

3. Stop Overthinking

Discard all of the what its, dump them, set them on fire and watch the smoke disappear and blend with the air. There is no room for such negativity here.

4. Do Something Just For You

Whatever that happy place is, do it, go to it, find yourself again and love yourself. Remember you are resilient and you can make it through, and maybe even come away stronger.

5. Make a Plan

Figure out the pea under the mattress and figure out a way to get rid of it. Make sure your plan is accessible and reasonable, but most importantly, tangible enough for you to act on it.

6. Act on it

Go! Do it! Do the steps in your plan, start working towards your goals again. You got this!

7. Keep on Keeping On!

You. Can. Do. This. You are strong and resilient. Shrug it off and get your power song blasting because you are about to be your own leader!

Whoever you are, what ever you’re going through; you are going to be okay 🙌😊💕

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