I Believe in the Universe

You know those late nights just staring at the dark ceiling searching for sleep but your mind keeps you up wondering “what’s the point? Why am I here?”

It’s such a big world. It’s so easy to feel small and insignificant. And there are too many questions, with too little answers. We’ve come along way in terms of investigating through science and technology, but the question of why anything is the way it is – I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. It’s an unknown.

There are many different kinds of religions, many different philosophies and schools of thought that people have developed to help cope with this unknown. For some, believing one of these established ideas helps give them stability, purpose. For others, not so much, and instead choose to believe in nothing.

I was raised catholic, and many in my community were raised in some form of Christianity. But I always had doubts about it. I couldn’t find the balance in it. There were too many things that conflicted each other, and this didn’t make me feel secure.

As I became exposed to more religions, and took some philosophy and ethics courses, I still couldn’t find anything that fit – nothing clicked in a way that could win me over the same way Catholicism makes my mom so happy. So I debunked the whole idea, and became at peace with not knowing all the answers.

For a long time, I thought I believed in nothing. But I’m finding this is wrong – I do believe in something.

I started to notice coincidences, signs – serendipity. A song that would come on, out of my control, that somehow gives me exactly what I need. A person on the street who decides to help me find where I’m going, without my asking. A phrase some stranger said on the bus that I overheard that sticks with me and upon reflection proves to make sense with whatever’s going on. Perfect timing – things suddenly making sense as they all start to fall into place.

Even when something goes wrong, or horribly, these are warnings the universe is giving to pay more attention to. And even if the result is failure, the lesson learned can result to another opportunity.

These inexplicable instances that somehow help the world around me make sense. My mom would call it god, but I call it serendipity. I call it the universe.

I absolutely love the concept of ecosystems. The relationships different species have with one another and their environment, how everything is somehow perfectly balanced. The way every single little thing counts, and has an impact. The cause and effect of death and life.

This concept can totally be applied to the functioning of the universe. There are niches of life everywhere that function together and bump up against other niches and so forth. Or like math. If it happens on one side, it also happens on the other. Sometimes you have an exact answer, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes there’s no solution. And that’s okay!

These are some flowers I found growing over a cement fence in between some telephone poles on the side of the road, somewhere in Tampico Mexico.

Every single thing has a purpose. Every mindless conversation, every moment at home watching Netflix, even the time just waiting at the stoplight. It all has purpose. It all plays a part in the ecosystem of your life.

This thought has helped soothe a lot of aches that come in when something goes wrong. When someone passes, when failure seems inevitable, or things just didn’t flow as expected. I know it’s okay. It’s a growing moment – the universe gently nudging me to where I need to be, testing me to get back up and do and be better. My low moments are just as valuable, if not more. Everything will be alright. Everything will be okay in the end.

Believing in the universe has also turned me into a much more loving person. I love everything, and everyone because I believe in how important everything and everyone is. I’ve learned to put in more love into this universe, because it matters, and because it’s needed.

The universe is a timeless thought. It has withstood so much, and consistently provides a home to all, no judgement. There’s no politics, no religion. Just one goal really, to exist, successfully.

The universe, in many ways, is a mom. It takes care of you, gives you tough love, and lets you go.

The more I travel, the more I grow and experience new things, the more I believe in this. Granted, it’s just an idea! Take it with a grain of salt 🙂 I’m not here to change anyone’s religious perspective or even convince anyone of anything. Just sharing my thoughts 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful day ❤

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