My *uck it List

Ever heard of a bucket list?

It’s that imaginary bucket we’re supposed to carry around and toss ideas of what we want to do before we die in them. And we’re supposed to do them.

I have/had one. But it was getting too heavy. I just kept adding and adding and adding and nothing was happening. Oddly enough, many of the things on the list weren’t even my own. Bullet points borrowed from this pin or that, from that quote from that one book, and so on. It was too much. I wasn’t pushing myself to do any of these things – mine or borrowed. I just kept thinking I have my whole life to do them, I’ll do it later when it’s less busy or stressful.

Here’s the thing though. Life doesn’t stop. It’s always busy, there’s always responsibilities and commitments to follow through on. “Tomorrow never comes”.

This bucket list thing just wasn’t working for me.

And then I heard someone call it a Fuck It List.


It’s really much simpler. My whole perspective on goal-setting changed almost immediately. Yeah life is busy and yeah life sucks sometimes but fuck it. How badly do you want it? If you really want it, then you’ll make time for it, and do it, cuz fuck! Life is too damn short!

I love this mindset. It’s taken me some time to truly honor it, as I still get caught up with the mundane tasks of existing. But as I focus more on the things I truly want, my Fuck It list has become much more clear and precise, and undeniable. And completely mine. There’s no time for frills. Just go and do!

Entering 2019, I want this Fuck It mentality to truly become cohesive with how I choose to lead my everyday life. Instead of resolutions, I have goals that I plan to just do. My year feels even shorter, because if all things go as planned, I will be on a plane in June to Comoros (an island group on the southwest coast of Africa) to live and teach English for 2 years and my life will be completely different.

Who’s to say my goals won’t change? Living in all 7 continents is on my list. This will be number three. But I know I will grow and change.

So now’s the time to be honest. I need to seize this moment, love this time and love who I am right now.Now’s the time to Fuck it!

On my list of things I want – no need – to do, one of them is to make an EP and perform my songs more often. This is probably the easiest and most manageable things on my list that I can accomplish before I leave.It’s also been a goal my whole life, but I haven’t gotten around to it 😦 I’m not gonna let this not happen anymore.

So here’s to 2019! Here’s to fucking it! Wish me luck ❤ And good luck to you – I hope you also hone in on what you want and can truly accomplish this year and just fuck it!

I made a cover of “My Dear Acquaintance” by Regina Spektor, who covered it from Peggy Lee. I felt it was appropriate 🙂

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