12 Ways to Love Yourself

Loving is easy, you just need to choose to love.

Loving is easy, and we do it all the time; we love food, movies, books, tv shows, places, things, memories – sleep. We even love other humans! We love our family, our friends – people we idolize and perhaps have never even met.

Sometimes though, loving ourselves is really hard.

I think I’ve spent much of life seeking love and confirmation from literally every place else except from myself.

I spent a lot of time on Pintrest, to say the least. Some things were helpful, some things not so much. I’ve compiled my own list of ways to love yourself that have worked for me. Note – everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong way. You just need to be fearless and open enough to try. Good Luck! 😊

1. Brain Dump

Get a piece of paper and a writing utensil. In no particular order, pour out all of the negative thoughts of the day, the week, the month, the year onto this sheet. Anything that has haunted you, brought you down, makes you unnecessarily anxious, every mean thing ever said to you, every mean thing you have told yourself and have convinced yourself is true. Take the sheet and destroy it. Throw it the trash, put it through the shredder, tear it to bits, light it with a match. Just get rid of it! It has no place here. Do it as often as you need.

2. Accept Yourself

Easier said than done. But so so so important! Take a look at where you are, physically, mentally, emotionally, and accept it. Tell yourself it’s okay to be where you are, because where you were brought you here;  here will bring you somewhere else. Live in this moment, be present, and accept it for what it is.

3. Date Night For One

Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Learn to be alone without being lonely. Go out for some food, to a bar, to a library, a coffee shop, the zoo, the movies. Anywhere you like – but go alone, and celebrate it. Dress up if you’d like, because it’s still a date – except you’re not trying to impress or get to know anyone but yourself.

4. Clean out the Closet

Set a huge chunk of time aside. Then head to the closet, the drawers, the basement, the attic. Wherever it is you’ve allowed yourself to become a mini-hoarder. Get a bag/box for things that need to go, things that can be donated/given away, and things to keep. Free yourself from the clutter in your life so you can see yourself more clearly.

5. Redecorate

Sometimes humans get a case of the Three C’s – comfortable, complacent, and content. Nothing wrong with that. You can live your whole life like that, and it’s perfectly awesome. But personally, when I get the Three C’s, I also get side effects – lazy, bored, and unmotivated. To keep away from the side effects, I think it best to mix it up. Move the furniture around, repaint the walls a thrilling color, get interesting artwork, get new books on the shelves. Get the creative juices flowing, exercise your mind by finding a refreshing environment.

6. Make a Time Capsule

Get some memories together, and put them in a box, and then hide the box for safe keeping. Retrieve the box when you need it. As time passes, let go of memories and replace them with new ones. Repeat.

7. Recall A Childhood Memory

Go through an old photo album, peruse that old yearbook. Find something happy. Remember the happy and bring it into your life right now.

8. Make Something With Your Hands

Seriously. Make food. Make a bracelet, make your bed, make an origami thing, make a birdhouse, make a garden, make a painting, make a song, make a poem, make something. Be proud of your creation.

9. Call Someone

Pick up the phone, find the contact or dial the numbers and have conversation. Not the virtual kind, no texting, no social media. Just your voice, and their voice. Listen to the tones you together bring. Connect with someone you haven’t spoken with in a while. Share the love you’ve got inside you and watch it grow.

10. Day Dream

Dream up the life you want to have. Set some goals towards that dream life, because no matter what anyone else tells you, you know in your heart you can have your dream life, and you can be happy. So start goal setting, and start reaching those goals, it’s in you.

11. Tell Someone How Happy you are that They are in Your Life

Love is love because it’s shared, and cared for. Make someone’s day ❤

12. Tell Yourself How Happy You are that You are in Your Life

Sounds silly, but it’s not. Don’t hate your life. Don’t hate where you are, don’t hate who you are. Embrace it, love it. Remind yourself that you are lucky to be where you are, and be happy that you get to live your life ❤

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any self-love tips, drop them in the comments 😊 Spread the loooovee! ❤  And if you’re in the mood for some extra secret sappy blogs, want early access to original music, please consider becoming my patron! I love what I do, and it’s not possible without your support ❤ Thank you so so so much for reading, and catch ya at the next one 🙂

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